Loral Space Systems

Loral Space Systems

Loral Space Systems

Jul 7, 3:45 PM

SSL will build DigitalGlobes next-generation Earth imaging satellite constellation. More: http://ow.ly/1GFT30drwgl

Jun 30, 3:28 PM

For #AsteroidDay, SSL is celebrating Psyche, a metal asteroid that were helping to explore with School of Earth and Space Exploration at ASU, and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 3D print your own model of Psyche: http://ow.ly/rz2C30d9fTY NASA Psyche Mission

Jun 28, 6:12 PM

Dario Zamarian has been named Group President of SSL. Former President John Celli served in various roles at SSL for 36 years, bolstering the companys reputation as an innovator and leader in the satellite industry. Zamarian, who most recently worked with multiple Blackstone portfolio companies, brings a wealth of experience in leading transformative growth to SSL. More: http://ow.ly/hKOZ30d38cu

Jun 28, 3:10 PM

SSL will build a highly capable satellite servicing spacecraft for Space Infrastructure Services (SIS), a new U.S. company that will commercialize satellite servicing capabilities. SES has entered into an agreement to be the first commercial customer to benefit from satellite refueling. More: http://ow.ly/rWC130d1MIA

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