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SpectraSensors, Inc. is a manufacturer of optical-based gas sensors for the industrial process, environmental monitoring and clean technology markets. The companys sensors measure the absorption of laser light at specific wavelengths to detect carbon dioxide and water vapor in industrial process control and environmental monitoring applications. Such applications include non-contact measurement of moisture, carbon dioxide, and other corrosives in the energy industry, petrochemical industry, arsenic and other impurities in drinking water (Water Quality), and airborne water vapor and other atmospheric measurements from commercial aircraft for the U.S. and International Weather Services (Atmospheric). Clean tech applications include identifying and harvesting methane (CH4) as a clean energy source, as well as mounting sensors on commercial airliners to enable real-time monitoring of weather conditions to avoid commercial flight delays totaling $1 billion per year in wasted time and fuel. SpectraSensors uses tunable diode laser (TDL) technology in conjunction with absorption spectroscopy in an array of products such as ambient air monitoring analyzers, moisture analyzers (hygrometers), dew point analyzers, and hydrogen sulfide analyzers, gas analyzers for natural gas pipelines, petrochemical refineries, environmental technology, and gas quality applications. SpectraSensors’ gas analyzers measure moisture (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H 2S), hydrogen chloride (HCl), methane (CH 4), ammonia (NH 3), ethylene oxide (ETO), and more. Typical applications include gas quality and energy measurements (H 2O, CO2, H 2S, BTU) in natural gas, trace moisture and hydrogen sulfide in refineries and petrochemical plants, and airborne moisture and other atmospheric measurements from commercial aircraft for the U.S. and international weather services.
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