Specialists On Call

Specialists On Call

Specialists On Call

Jul 24, 1:30 PM

Specialists on Calls Steve Herz will present Best Practices in Enterprise-wide #Telemedicine Programs at the AHA Leadership Summit this week #telehealth

Jul 20, 0:27 PM

Make sure to come see us! One week until the American Hospital Association Leadership Summit! #Telemedicine #Telehealth #SpecialistsOnCall

Jul 17, 6:45 PM

At Specialists On Call, we want to help you achieve clinical and financial success that is sustainable. This commitment requires us to invest significant time and resources in each of our clients to enable us to deliver world-class patient care. #Telemedicine #Telehealth

Jul 14, 7:01 PM

Specialists On Call is the leading clinical provider of telemedicine consultations in the country for TelePsychiatry. We provide 24/7 access to board certified, fellowship trained psychiatrists, in support of both ED and med/surg floor patients. Consistent, evidence-based, protocol-driven care. Joint Commission-accredited service and Complete adherence to state mental health regulations! #Telemedicine #Telehealth

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