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SpareFoot is an Austin-based company that provides listings for self-storage units. The company was originally a person-to-person model, similar to Airbnb, that later developed into a marketplace for self-storage. The company now facilitates self-storage rentals between consumers and storage operators. The company was profiled as one of Americas Most Promising Startups by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2011. SpareFoot was founded in 2008 by Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali while both were attending UCLA. The concept was developed a year prior when Gordon was attending UCLA and left to spend a semester in Singapore. Gordon used space in Feghalis residence as well as space in girlfriends garage. While away, Gordon came up with the concept which he pursued with Feghali. SpareFoot was originally formed as a person-to-person website with the concept of facilitating the rental of extra storage space in private residences to those looking for storage. Original funding came from family members and friends. The site failed to gain traction with a person-to-person model. The founders noticed that there were more storage companies signing up to sell space as opposed to homeowners. The site was re-branded (along with a name change from Homstie to SpareFoot) and began allowing customers to find, compare and review potential storage providers.

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Senior Software Engineer


Salary Range$90K - $175K




Senior Account Manager


Salary Range$90K - $90K




Senior Product Manager


Salary Range$125K - $125K




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