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Spaceflight Industries, Inc. is a private aerospace company that specializes in the launch of secondary payloads ranging from 1 kg up to 300 kg micro satellites from a variety of space launch vehicles, such as Antares, Dnepr, Soyuz, and Falcon 9, as well as from the ISS. Spaceflight was founded in 2010 by Jason Andrews, with Curt Blake joining soon thereafter as SVP & General Counsel. Prior to founding Spaceflight, Mr. Andrews worked at Kistler Aerospace and founded Andrews Space in 1999. Mr. Blake has previous experience at Microsoft, Starwave, SpaceDev, and GotVoice. Spaceflights mission is to fundamentally improve access to space by making launch more routine, more cost effective, and with standard flight interfaces. The traditional business model for accessing space is one satellite to one launch vehicle. With the miniaturization of satellite hardware and improved communication capabilities, satellites have decreased in size and grown more powerful following Moores Law. Spaceflight buys excess capacity from Commercial Launch Vehicles, sells the capacity to a number of "rideshare" secondary payloads, and integrates all of the secondary satellites as one discrete unit to the launch vehicle, providing a significant price discount to reach orbit compared to buying an entire launch vehicle.

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Business Development Director


Salary Range$90K - $225K




Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)


Salary Range$90K - $125K




Cloud Software Engineer


Salary Range$90K - $125K




IT Operations Engineer


Salary Range$90K - $175K




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