South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital

South Shore Hospital

Sep 1, 1:00 AM

We are in awe of the South Shore's generosity as we collect donations for Hurricane Harvey. Here is an updated schedule of when and where South Shore Hospital and South Shore Medical Center are accepting donations.

Aug 30, 5:32 PM

Donations are pouring in to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The generosity of the South Shore community is on full display at South Shore Hospital and South Shore Medical Center. The need in Texas is great and we are still collecting these much-needed supplies.

Aug 29, 4:35 PM

We stand with Houston and its surrounding communities and are asking for donations for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please consider dropping off vital essentials for families who could really use the help right now. For information about where to drop off donations and what is acceptable please see the flyer below.

Aug 25, 0:30 PM

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