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Sorenson Media was established in December 1995 to address market demand for rich online media content by developing innovative, cost-effective video encoding technology[citation needed] that significantly reduced bandwidth requirements while preserving the highest video quality.[citation needed] Originally called Sorenson Vision, the company developed technology licensed and ultimately acquired from Utah State University. The company first unveiled its codec (compression and decompression tool) at a developer’s preview at MacWorld Expo in January 1997. Sorenson Media has been instrumental in bringing Internet video to QuickTime and to associated applications on the Windows and Macintosh platforms and due to their licensing agreement with Apple were committed to improving the online video experience for content creators, managers and consumers alike. Since its release, Sorenson Media’s video encoding technology has been used in Apple Computers trailers web site and clip for studios such as Disney, Lucas Film, MGM and Paramount and iTunes music videos before the switch to the industry standard H.264 format. Sorenson Media is led by its chairman and founder James Lee Sorenson, based on his previous experience in industries ranging from Internet video and telecommunication services to private equity, medical devices, large-scale investment and real estate development[citation needed]. Its president and CEO is Marcus Liassides, who obtained experience in several facets of the digital media industry, including expertise in over-the-top (OTT) video platform development.