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Jul 31, 9:42 AM

Our PLC Advisory Board hard at work on a Sunday afternoon before the Lincolnshire Institute, which starts today! #atPLC

Jul 21, 1:25 PM

A little friendly competition between our simultaneous PLC Institutes! Presenter Anthony Muhammad took this photo of his Pittsburgh session to show San Jose where the REAL fun was being had! #atPLC

Jul 20, 1:20 PM

One of the best parts of our live events? Our presenters are super friendly, and gracious with their time and ideas! Here''s Mike Mattos with attendees onsite at our San Jose PLC Institute! #atPLC

Jul 20, 1:18 PM

Are you the only teacher in your subject or grade? Aaron Hansen wrote a quick how-to guide to help you navigate PLC life. You can still be included! #atPLC

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