Solstice Mobile

Solstice Mobile

Solstice Mobile

May 23, 6:03 PM

Chief Strategy Officer, Kelly Manthey speaking at @slackhq ""Power Your Work with Slack"" event. #digitaltransformation

May 17, 4:52 PM

Yesterday we welcomed 200 guests to our 2017 Open House and chatted all things Solstice. Interested in learning more about what it''s like to work here? Click the link in our bio.

May 12, 9:25 PM

Project: ""Catch the Solsties that don''t wash their dishes"" is underway #SolsticeExpressDay

May 12, 4:14 PM

Kicking off #SolsticeExpressDay 2017! Our entire organization has come together for our 24 hour innovation hackathon. Follow #SolsticeExpressDay to see what our teams are up to! #bots #robotics #voiceskills #ohmy