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TerraVia Holdings, Inc. (formerly Solazyme) is a publicly held biotechnology company in the United States. TerraVia uses proprietary technology to transform a range of low-cost plant-based sugars into high-value oils. In March 2016, Solazyme changed its name to TerraVia and has moved its focus from bio-fuels to cheaper, more sustainable food oils and personal care products. Solazyme, Inc., was founded on 31 March 2003, with the mission of utilizing microalgae to create a renewable source of energy and transportation fuels. Founders Jonathan S. Wolfson and Harrison Dillon, who met while attending Emory University, started the company in Wolfsons garage. About their partnership, Dillon said: "Neither of us wanted to go work for some giant organization where we were a tiny cog in a huge wheel. We wanted to make a difference and create something that had never existed before.” In 2004 and 2005, Solazyme began development of an algal molecular biology platform, and identified and initiated a platform for microalgae-based oil production. The company then expanded focus to skin and personal care products.


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