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SnapStream is a privately held software company based in Houston, Texas, USA that focuses on building TV monitoring software for organizations in broadcast, government and education. Prior to developing TV Search, SnapStream was long recognized in the consumer world of HTPC for the creation of Beyond TV. However, Beyond TV has not been updated since 2010, as a result of the company shifting focus towards the Enterprise Search product. In mid-2007, SnapStream developed an enterprise product using its own namesake, for the purposes of searching, recording and monitoring television. SnapStream, the TV search engine, enables users to interface with television as a clippable, editable and linkable medium from their Mac or PC. SnapStream was a broadcast industry pioneer in creating such a crossover device, converging search engine capabilities and digital video recording. Today, the TV search appliance is deployed at all kinds of organizations in government, education and entertainment who closely monitor and archive traditional television media. Released in 2004, this remote control uses radio frequency to operate a Windows-based computer via its Beyond Media Basic software (or a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC via Microsofts Media Center Edition operating system) and can control other applications.