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Snap Kitchen

Jul 30, 2:50 PM

loling because some people are actually spending their sunday meal prepping! . : @mybrownsparklez

Jul 27, 8:29 PM

ahem, lets talk about our newest obsession: adding collagen to our drinks. collagen is a protein that makes your skin & helps your hair & nails grow. its basically an instant beauty potion. drink up! pictured here: @foragerproject smoothie blended with @vitalproteins collagen peptides and topped with @barnana coconut bites + @dangfoods coconut chips

Jul 25, 8:46 AM

PREbiotics are fibrous food for PRObiotics, which are beneficial bacteria. pair our banana pancakes with our blueberry chia parfait for the best of biotic worlds.

Jul 23, 11:18 AM

good news. our cold-pressed juices double as freakishly refreshing & nutritious cocktail mixers. tap the link in our bio for some cocktail recipe inspiration! #sundayfunday