Aug 23, 5:48 PM

Sirion brings contracts to life by enabling tight alignment between contracts, performance and invoices IACCM Ajay Agrawal Vestas

Aug 23, 5:29 PM

Sirion enables a single-version-of-the-truth based on the contract for Vestas and its IT suppliers. #TrueAlignment IACCM Ajay Agrawal

Aug 23, 5:03 PM

Our #WindsofChange webinar featuring Vestas and IACCM is underway now. IT #ContractManagement #SupplierManagement

Aug 22, 4:58 PM

The countdown begins....24 hours to go. An impressive panel of experts from Vestas, IACCM, and SirionLabs will share valuable insights and best-practices in IT #contractmanagement. Dont miss it! REGISTER NOW - #SupplierManagement #ITOutsourcing