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Aug 28, 1:25 PM

Most Apple Watch users charge their watch every night, placing it on the charger as part of their bedtime routine. If you just lay it flat on the charger, however, youre missing out on one of the Apple Watchs best features: Nightstand Mode. To use Nightstand Mode, set your watch on its side, buttons up, and connect its charger to the back (a stand like the Twelve South HiRise makes this easier). The screen switches to displaying the time in a large, green font, along with the day and date, and a charging icon. If youve set an alarm on the watch with Siri or the Alarms app, youll also see alarm info. When you first enter Nightstand Mode, the Apple Watch screen stays on for about a minute, but then it goes black so its not lighting up your darkened bedroom. Heres the best part, though: if you wake up and want to see what time it is, just tap the watch oreven better!tap the surface its on, and the screen lights up for 10 seconds before going dark again.

Aug 24, 6:26 PM

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Aug 22, 2:53 PM

Meet Lauren Bedingfield, the Store Manager at our Greeley, CO, store. Lauren is the next employee we''re highlighting in our #employeehighlight series! Here''s a little more about Lauren: Q) What''s your favorite Apple product? Lauren) My favorite Apple product is the Apple TV. Its not the most popular, but it is incredibly versatile, and I use my 4th Gen every singe day at home! -- Q) What''s your favorite iPhone app? Lauren) My favorite iPhone app would probably be Instagram. It''s the first app that comes to mind and Ive always preferred it over other social media. I just love the layout, the long list of filter choices, and the ability to have personal stories and live videos. Ive enjoyed watching the app expand and get refreshed over the years. -- Q) What''s the funnest part of your job? Lauren) The most fun part about this job? Getting to meet some of the most amazing people. Whether it be fellow employees or customers, there is always an opportunity to meet someone that makes you laugh, that teaches you something, or that changes your perspective on something. -- Q) What do you like to do in your free time? Lauren) Since I moved to Colorado, you can usually find me out in nature on my day off. I love going to Rocky Mountain National Park to hike and sight-see, or you can find me at the dog park playing with my three dogs. But if I stay inside, Ill be binge watching something on Hulu or playing my Xbox One! -- Q) If you could buy any Apple product would it be and why? Lauren) If I could buy any Apple product that is currently out, Id go with the 15 MacBook Pro with Touch Barnot because I need all that powerbut because I love the size of the display, how easy it is to multitask, and of course because Id love to customize the Touch Bar and see how much functionality it provides! If we look at unreleased products, Id have to say the iMac Pro. Again, not because I need all the power, but have you seen how sexy that thing is going to be? Come on. -- Q) If you could be a character in any movie, who would it be and why? Lauren) If I could be any character in a movie Id have to say Id be Dr. Dolittle so that I could talk to animals!

Aug 16, 11:31 AM

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