Jul 30, 9:31 PM

When live music is one of your favorite things, do you set a Goal to buy tickets or do you pull from your monthly music envelope budget?

Jul 29, 10:26 PM

#savedforthat - ""Renting a board made surfing accessible but owning a board set me free!"" @bstasia

Jul 27, 2:01 PM

Let''s talk envelope budgeting! Do you set aside money each month for your habit?

Jul 25, 3:07 PM

#savedforthat - ""It''s all about priorities! Travel is a priority for me so I give up other things like paying for cable, spending a lot of money on shopping, or buying coffee every day. I prep my meals during the week, shop for deals and save a little cash over time. It only took me a few months of savings to afford this trip and it was amazing!"" @nmyrie

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