Jan 20, 7:57 PM

Conventional bladder scanners obsolete? Handheld Ultrasound has arrived! Bladder scanners all employ older-style motor technology that limits them to low-density spatial sampling of the bladder. This results in a GIGO problem - or garbage in garbage out - for their algorithms, which are also limited by not using state-of-the-art machine learning or computer vision techniques. While phantoms suggest a reproducible error of +-15% for example, CBS devices do far worse in day-to-day clinical usage on widely-varying patients. CBS devices are contra-indicated for pregnant women due to the possibility of detecting amniotic fluid and are also a risk for heavily sick patients in the hospital (quite typical), as these devices can pick up abdominal fluid instead of actual bladder fluid data. New technology offers more accuracy and clinical-grade imaging. Hand-held ultrasound (HHU) devices for bladder & kidney care employ high-density spatial sampling of the bladder delivering far more accurate post-void residual (PVR) measurements and much more clinical information at the first patient encounter. This means immediate access to imaging for clinical root-cause evaluation for such issues as catheter dislodgement, non-voiding patients, hematuria, hydronephrosis and more. Ultimately with HHU you receive faster, more accurate decision making, less nursing time and/or use of ancillary in-patient services at the bedside. #testdriveourUscantoday #sidebysidechallengesalwayswelcomed Best mouse trap, Kevin Goodwin 30 year ultrasound veteran

Jan 9, 6:25 PM

Recently, #Uscan performed a side by side comparison with a conventional bladder scanner at a hospital in Orlando, FL. The outcome was shocking. On the first patient Uscan captured >356ml, when using the conventional scanner the nurses received two different readings, 244ml and 166ml. On the final patient Uscan read >865ml, and when the patient was catheterized they voided 900ml. After the comparison the nurses were confident in our device and very impressed with the accuracy. This is what we call the Uscan difference!

Nov 22, 6:24 PM

We are very happy about all of the great things that have taken place here at Signostics this year. One thing in particular is our new headquarters building that is currently under construction in Washington state. Read more about our new place to call home here:

Nov 7, 10:48 PM

The 2016 National Conference on Incontinence is fast approaching. We'll be showcasing our breakthrough bladder scanner, Uscan, and performing live scans. Stop by our booth and try out Uscan for yourself from 9 to 12 November at the Adelaide Convention Centre. #CFAConf Find out more here: