Signature Worldwide

Signature Worldwide

Jun 29, 4:10 PM

Great kick off for Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Revenue Optimization Conference. Making data entertaining! #hsmairoc #Hospitality

Jun 20, 11:49 PM

Not only do we love to praise our clients for a job well done but we also love to praise our team. Scott recently awarded Theresa LaViola with a Legendary Ticket thanks to a training program she gave 20 years ago! #customerservice #sales #training "To me, the you Legendary ticket is THE E CLASS TICKET, so you really need to be Legendary to get it. Yesterday I found myself in NYC training Novotel, a cool hip hotel close to time square. It was my first time training there. It was a small class, with only five people, and only two of the attendants were from reservations. The training was great and I really enjoyed meeting the ladies who run the reservations department. As we were discussing the upsell techniques, Alice a lovely woman in her 50's looked over at Yvonne, another woman in her 50's, and said, "Oh yes that's how Theresa suggested we do it when we used to have Signature!" So I am sitting there confused and asked "When did you have Signature before?" both ladies stated, "In the 90's" WOW and of course I asked "What did Theresa look like?" I heard, "She was blond, she was very bubbly, she always told us to say "This is what I can do for you!" So I grabbed my phone and found a picture of Theresa and both ladies stood up and said "Oh yes that's our Theresa!" They even showed me their original laminated Magic formula skill sheet! So now, nearly twenty years later, we are back doing business with a client who had left, and Theresa they are still there and using the Signature skills because they were so well trained! That there is LEGENDARY! " - Scott Merrick

Jun 9, 11:49 AM

The team at TownePlace Suites Carlsbad are at it again with a new creative Spirit Board (last year they whipped up the adorable Peanuts-themed board). How cool is the Secret Life of Pets board they created this time? #Training #Hospitality

Jun 5, 11:20 PM