Feb 25, 10:41 PM

Holly Reid loves being a landscape architect because it marries creative design with affordable projects that still meet project goals. + One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is seeing the end users utilize the spaces I design and seeing these spaces take on a life form of their own, exceeding original project goals. + // Holly Reid, #shivehattery landscape architect

Feb 23, 7:59 PM

Holly Reid was first drawn to landscape architecture by the way it wove art, horticulture, and planning into one profession. + I am passionate about creating opportunities to connect with nature and experience the healing benefits of the outdoors via healthcare facilities and living environments. + // Holly Reid, #shivehattery landscape architect

Feb 21, 9:01 PM

When Sam Bergus isnt working at Shive-Hattery as a mechanical engineer, he is outside bicycling, hiking, camping, or even gardening in Cedar Rapids. + The older parts of the city have a really cool mix of historic buildings, small parks, and neighborhood commercial buildings. This mix means that Cedar Rapids has great potential to become a thriving community going forward. + // Sam Bergus, #shivehattery mechanical engineer

Feb 20, 8:37 PM

For the past six years, Sam Bergus has been an integral part of updating Cedar Rapids schools to meet proper ADA standards. + These projects have ranged from installing an elevator in a 4-story middle school to things as small as making the main entrance and restroom accessible. I look back at these projects as really impacting the community I live in, as they have made it possible for students to attend the school nearest to them, as well as allow their parents and grandparents to attend events in those schools. + // Sam Bergus, #shivehattery mechanical engineer