Aug 23, 8:52 PM

Congratulations to Strive Together for opening up a new office! We enjoyed celebrating this exciting event with you! #StriveTogether

Aug 22, 6:53 PM

Congratulations to April Shinkle of The Glenny Glass Company who walked away with a $50 Shell Gas Card compliments of Sheakley! She attended the Cincinnati Chamber Safety meeting last week. April was one of only a few attendees who correctly answered a trivia question relating to the Transitional Work Bonus Program. All the attendees benefited from the features speaker this month, Jeannie A.S. Nigam, from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. She presented a lot of good information on what employers can do to eliminate occupational stress and also increase productivity. Next months speaker is Ken Montgomery from US DOL-OSHA. See you there!

Aug 22, 2:42 PM

Matt and Larry Sheakley had a great time at Coach Cronin's Bearcats Classic!

Aug 21, 8:09 PM

Sheakley would like to give a special thanks to Briana Hood, for allowing us to set up a table at the 2017 kickoff meeting for the Chillicothe Ross County Safety Council. The food was great, as well as the speaker, who talked about the BWC hearing process. One attendee was able to walk away with a $50 gift card compliments of Sheakley!