Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility

Jun 28, 6:36 PM

Thank you to SGF Sister Lauren for sharing this amazing photo! A very special thank you to Dr. Lauren Roth and the nurses and staff at the Harrisburg-Camp Hill, PA office. This sweet baby boy was worth every penny, every moment of heartache, every appointment and each and every shot. Thank you Shady Grove Fertility for helping to make our dreams come true! Dont forget to breathe and have faith. Miracles DO happen! #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ttc #ivfsuccess #newbornphotography #miraclesdohappen

Jun 27, 5:46 PM

Congratulations to SGF Sister Angela! She added her 3rd SGF miracle to the family! We welcomed our 3rd Shady Grove Fertility miracle on 6/15. Carter blessed us with a surprise 10 day early arrival. He was clearly ready to come meet his siblings. Thank you to Dr. Katz, and the entire Bel Air staff that has helped us bring 3 beautiful and healthy babies into this world. And Dr. Katz also monitored my oldest also until 12 weeks since he was a naturally conceived pregnancy that was a surprise to us all. I have been Dr. Katz patient for 14 yrs. He has helped me through these blessings and 3 ectopic losses. I truly don''t know what I would do without my SGF family. They all have always been so supportive and helpful through every process. I hope to say that we might be seeing SGF again in a few years for another addition. #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ttc #newbornphotography #ivfsuccess #familygoals

Jun 26, 7:21 PM

Happy Transferversary to SGF Sister, Mariel! How cute is that pineapple swimsuit on her sweet girl? One year ago at the Towson office, our perfect little embryo was transferred. Now a year later we have a very happy, silly, strong little lady and we are so grateful to SGF for helping us make our miracle. Thanks to both my main physician, Dr. Yazigi, and also Dr. Katz, who did our transfer! To all current patients- stay positive, trust your physician, and be kind to yourself! It is hard to stay positive in the infertility journey, but I think that staying optimistic was part of why our IVF cycle worked. And dont give up. Its worth every second. #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #ttc #ivfsuccess

Jun 24, 7:57 PM

Congratulations to SGF Sister and soon-to-be Mommy, Sam! We just love that she used her fur baby in her pregnancy announcement! I am so exciting to be expecting a baby GIRL! I tried for six months of monitoring and IUIs and unfortunately it didnt work due to a blocked tube. But my first round of IVF worked!! Its been an emotional and exciting journey. Thank you to Dr. Doyle and the Rockville office for their care. Dr. Doyle was SO supportive and had the best bedside manner. To all my TTC Sisters- dont give up! Allow yourself to feel sad, but dont lose hope. Things will work out when its time. #ttc #ttcsisters #ttccommunity #furbaby #pregnancyannouncement #ivfsuccess