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Sevenly is a Costa Mesa, California-based for profit online cause-marketplace, which donates a tiny percentage of its revenue to charitable causes. Dale Partridge and Aaron Chavez cofounded Sevenly in June 2011. In February 2013, Sevenly launched the “Seven Days of Change” campaign, a fund raising event to fund the pilot for a reality television show that follows the weekly challenges of Sevenly’s team, as well as the charities it works with. The pilot premiered August 3, 2013. The name Sevenly is derived from the word “heavenly”, which Partridge and Chavez interpret to mean a world without need. The number seven, which, according to the founders of Sevenly is the biblical number of completion, was combined with their idea of heaven to define both the company name and mission. After seeing how many worthy non-profit organizations shut down within the first year, due to lack of following, funding and awareness, Partridge and Chavez realized the potential for their company and these non-profit to benefit from each other.
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