Sep 14, 0:10 AM

A new study by Juniper Research finds that the global value from contactless payment transactions will grow from an estimated $321 billion this year to $500 billion in 2017. Committed to innovation, Sequent is on the forefront of the ever-growing mobile payments market, including Near-field Communication (NFC) technology for contactless payment on mobile apps.

Sep 6, 8:39 PM

Come see Sequent CTO Hans Reisgies speak at the 2016 Bank Customer Experience Summit in Chicago on September 20, 2016. 9:30am "Can an HCE Wallet Keep Your Customers 'Within the Walls'?" With third-party mobile wallets becoming more popular, many bank executives believe they must introduce proprietary products in order to maintain customer loyalty and avoid disintermediation. A mobile wallet using host card emulation is one way to achieve this on Android devices (iPhones use a different technology, the secure element). Earlier concerns about security seem to be resolved; today Visa and MasterCard both support HCE for cloud-based mobile payments. The question remains whether banks should add a payments feature to their existing mobile banking app or opt for a white-label standalone. This session will present the pros and cons of each approach. 2:30pm "Mobile-Only Banks: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Should You Join 'Em?" The idea of a mobile-only bank has emerged as a real possibility thanks to the rising popularity of smartphones and the willingness of millennials to embrace nonbank financial services. Should financial institutions get in on this action, and if so, how? Is it cunning or cannibalism for a large financial institution to create a mobile-only spinoff? Who would this product target? What about customer service and ATM access? Get firsthand insights from financial service providers that have decided to go the mobile route. All times are in Chicago local time. More information about panelists, moderators, and event details at

Jul 15, 4:54 PM

Sequent and Arxan Partnership Advances Security for Mobile Payments

Feb 24, 11:01 PM

Ovum Says Sequent is Key to the Next Wave of Mobile Wallets