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Mar 14, 1:03 PM

Seegrid announced today it has appointed Steven M. Barto as Chief Financial Officer. Read the press release:

Dec 9, 8:09 PM

We're finishing 2016 with a HUGE milestone: 500,000 miles of autonomous travel!

Aug 5, 7:20 PM

Best of luck to our marketing intern Sydney, who is heading back to the University of Kentucky this fall. Our team will miss you Syd!

Jul 22, 1:17 PM

Here's what our friends at BMW have to say about Seegrid VGVs: "Work Smarter, Not Harder with Vision-Guided Vehicles! Encouraging efficiency and improving workflow processes are high priorities at Plant Spartanburg. This summer, a new Vision-Guided Vehicle (VGV) started traveling a designated route in our Logistics Center! The VGV is a reliable and safe automated tugger using cameras and lasers to travel along a programmed route in this case from the Sequence Mezzanine to the returnable container area to return empty containers. A BMW Associate designed this process improvement, resulting in constant productivity flow and saving 472 meters round trip!"

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