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SeaSpine Holdings Corporation

SeaSpine Holdings Corporation

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SeaSpine Holdings Corporation is a medical technology company. The Company is focused on the design, development and commercialization of surgical solutions for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal disorders. Its product portfolio consists of over 90 product lines, which it sells in the United States and internationally. Its orthobiologics products consist of a range of bone graft substitutes that are designed to improve bone fusion rates following a range of orthopedic surgeries, including spine, hip and extremities procedures. Its spinal hardware products include a range of products, such as traditional spinal implants, and minimally invasive surgery (MIS) systems. Its MIS systems consist of a range of implants and instruments that are designed to enable less invasive surgical techniques, including its Banff MIS System, its NanoMetalene System and its Skipjack System. Its products are used in spinal fusion and are used to access the spinal column.


Market Cap$283.8 million
Revenue$154.3 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+8.2%
Net Income-$43.1 million
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