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Search Technologies is a privately held IT services company whose main business involves search engines, big data, consulting and implementation services. The company specializes in a range of search engines including Microsoft SharePoint, the Google Search Appliance, Elasticsearch, Amazon Cloudsearch, and Apache Solr. Search Technologies provides a wide range of services from experts-for-hire to managed services. The company is headquartered in Washington DCs Dulles Technology Corridor and has offices in Costa Rica, California, Kentucky, the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic. Search Technologies was founded in 2005 by three former executives of search engine software companies, Kamran Khan (CEO), John Steinhauer (VP technology) and Dennis Tran (VP Sales), all of whom remain employees of the company. In 2008, Search Technologies recruited Paul Nelson, a pioneer in the search engine industry since 1989 and the original author of RetrievalWare. Paul Nelson is currently Chief Architect at Search Technologies, and a minority shareholder in the company.

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