MDS Sciex

MDS Sciex

MDS Sciex

Jul 24, 0:05 PM

Thanks @thatmsguy for your awesome testimonial! We can''t wait to read the paper! As a research fellow optimising methods for high-throughout peptidomics on planarian, this machine had to be the easiest to work with. The resolution of high charge states is great and you can swath it all.. voila! I spent last year with this one, trying out different column configurations and ms parameters for large intact bioactive peptide complexes. Really need to communicate with my ex-boss and wrap up all that data into a paper or two. Sigh!

Jun 26, 9:24 AM

Come meet @baljitsilve and our team! Come find SCIEX at our booth to discuss how #lipidyzer can power your Lipid workflows! #metsoc2017

Jun 26, 9:20 AM

Thanks @baljitsilve for the great pic! @instasciex SCIEX#Metabolomics team rocks #metsoc2017

Jun 7, 11:30 PM

Thanks to everyone who visited our Hospi Suite! We #MassSpec and we you too! More Fun next year! #ASMS2017 #ASMS2018