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Jul 24, 4:29 PM

Washington Business Journal''s current issue contains a timely article about progress on the University of Maryland''s Cole Field House expansion and renovation. . On August 2 a dedication ceremony for Phase I and the groundbreaking for Phase II will be held. Check out UMD''s terrific project website, including the ""Live Look"" images and time-lapse videos. Schnabel supported Nicholson Construction with foundation design development and construction oversight, followed by testing and observation services for Gilbane. #UMD #colefieldhouse #geotech #soilnailwall #micropiles #supportofexcavation

Jul 20, 9:49 AM

The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), in collaboration with military services, offers week-long STEM engineering and construction camps for high school students who are interested in pursuing engineering, architecture and related fields. A SAME member since 2008, senior engineer Jake Wessell from our Wilmington, N.C. office, personified Schnabels continued support of STEM education. In late June Jake was a volunteer with the SAME Cape Fear Post, which hosted the Engineers Reaction Course component of the USMC Engineering and Construction Camp held at MCB Camp Lejeune, N.C. He judged the water line break event, which simulated a damaged pressurized water line in the engine room of a Coast Guard cutter. Each of five groups of ten campers was given 15 minutes to patch all 12 of the holes, slots, and breaks in a three-inch PVC pipe so that the ship would not sink. Because it was a closed-end system connected to a fire hydrant, the pressure would increase as they worked, making it impossible to patch everything. Groups were judged based on the quality of repairs, how well they worked as a team, whether they assigned a leader, and if that leader delegated duties. Mentoring by the volunteers followed each group effort. #societyofamericanmilitaryengineers #stemeducation #usmc #camplejeune #shipengineering #engineeringbootcamp

Jul 18, 0:46 PM

#SiteVisitTuesday finds Matt Koziol of our Dallas office at Martin Marietta Materials Specifications Aggregate Quarry in Golden, Colorado, conducting a bi-annual inspection. Weve been providing geotechnical services to the client at this site for 21 years now. The work is comprehensive and precise: 1) Inspecting the rock slopes and exposed highwalls; 2) Collecting structural geology data including strike and dip orientations of systematic joint sets; 3) General observations about the geologic and geotechnical conditions; 4) Handheld GPS points at data collection locations; and 5) Photo documentation of quarry conditions. Speaking of photos, the credit for this one goes to Wen Lee of our Sterling, Virginia, office. #quarry #quarryrock #quarrylake #geology #geologist #gps #rockslope #martinmariettamaterials

Jul 11, 11:42 AM

#SiteVisitTuesday. New hire? No, just a very interested and hungry bystander that engineer Gary Brill encountered at one of his coal job sites in West Virginia during a quarterly inspection. Gary has a Canon PowerShot SX510 HS with a pretty good zoom. Said he, ""I was closer to the truck than I was to him, but he did huff at me. There were a bunch of ripe berries along our (driving) inspection path, so he was waiting for us to leave. There are also timber rattlesnakes and copperheads at our sites, but I''ve never come across any in 30+ years."" We''re glad to hear it--and perhaps that''s why Gary, who is in our Knoxville office, is still with us after 22 years! #blackbear #coalmine #engineeringnotboring #geotechnical #inspection #greatoutdoors

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