Aug 25, 7:57 PM

Thank you all for joining me this week! The #sasbaton started in Boston and ended with a beautiful day and amazing people at SAS headquarters. Feel free to keep following along at @katiejstrange. Cheers to a productive week and a wonderful weekend ahead!

Aug 25, 3:00 PM

Good office days are the ones where you can love on your co-workers kids like they''re your own. #sasbaton #saslife @hsilvaaaa ( cred: @buffienuckols, aka Super Mom) @katiejstrange

Aug 25, 0:28 PM

Being in marketing, I''m always looking for new ways to tell our story- who we are and what we do- in a way that''s experiential, authentic and relatable. I just sat with a brilliant mind, Michael Thomas, a software architect at SAS. He showed me some cool work he''s been doing in virtual reality and augmented reality. Now THIS is how an experiential story should be told! #sasbaton @katiejstrange

Aug 22, 10:19 PM

Let''s talk about the value of community. Yes SAS has great benefits. And, yes, we have incredible software. But what I value most as an employee is our community. Our village. Our people. I''ve been at SAS almost 11 years. One thing I''ve learned is there isn''t one project or initiative you can push through on your own. You have to depend on your relationships to create movement and success. Everyone has a role; a purpose. And, collectively, we''re much stronger as a company because of it. Meet @amyfprince and Luis Franco, some folks that do just that for me. Amy has been at SAS 23 years and Luis 20. Amy is my teammate in our Americas technology marketing group and Luis is a designer in our corporate creative group. Together we shared a vision for this ballpark tour and it took them, plus countless others, to make it a reality. The value here transcends far beyond SAS and far beyond your professional life into your personal one. Lean on your network. Surround yourself with those that will support you and challenge you. With those that will inspire you and ground you. Because, in the end, relationships are all that truly matter. #sasbaton #deepthoughts @katiejstrange