Salient Federal Solutions

Salient Federal Solutions

Jul 12, 1:50 PM

Just Out: Salient CRGT CEO Brad Antle talks to NoVaTechCouncil: Beyond the IPOs & high profile deals, DC continues to grow in importance to investors --and so do the opportunities for tech companies.

Jul 12, 1:02 PM

The #veterans that Salient CRGT hires have a valuable understanding of the customers we serve and allow us to tailor our services to our federal customers.

Jul 11, 1:03 PM

The VA needed to simplify and automate its mental health screening, as well as make it electronically accessible. Read our #CaseStudy to see how our Mental Health eScreening (MHE) project was designed to automate the screening process for new and existing VA mental health patients using mobile and web-based apps.

Jul 8, 5:45 PM

In 2016, 29% of our new employees were #military veterans and nearly a third of the veterans we hired were disabled #veterans.