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SAGE Electrochromics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, is a specialized window glass developer based in Faribault, Minnesota. The company develops electronically tintable smart glass (also called electrochromic glass, EC, or dynamic glass), for use in building windows, skylights and curtainwalls, that can be electronically tinted or cleared to optimize daylight and improve occupant comfort in buildings. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), SAGEs SageGlass technology "has the potential to reduce building heating and air conditioning equipment size by up to 25%, resulting in construction cost savings. SageGlass could also potentially reduce overall cooling loads for commercial buildings up to 20% by lowering peak power demand and may reduce lighting costs by up to 60% while providing building occupants with more natural daylight and greater comfort." The company was founded in 1989 by former CEO John Van Dine as Sun Active Glass Electrochromics, Inc. (SAGE) in a Valley Cottage, New York, laboratory. In 1992 the company moved to Rutgers University’s Department of Ceramic Science and Engineering for R&D collaboration with Rutgers scientists. In 1994, the company changed its name to SAGE Electrochromics, Inc. It moved to Faribault, Minnesota, in 1998, where over the next five years it refined the production process and testing of its first commercial product, SageGlass, in its pilot line facility. Samples of these insulating glass units (IGUs) were tested by the Department of Energy in the glass fabricating and OEM skylight industry.

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