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Turbomeca USA Safran

Turbomeca USA Safran

Aug 1, 3:48 PM

Let's go to the moon with our PPS1350 plasma thruster! This Safran Aircraft Engines engine propelled the Smart-1 lunar probe from 2003 to 2006. Four PPS1350 engines equip also the Alphasat telecommunications satellite, which is been in orbit since 2013 https://www.safran-aircraft-engines.com/space-engines/satellites/pps-1350-g Credits Eric Drouin / Safran

Jul 29, 3:44 PM

On July 25, 1909, in just 37 minutes, Louis Blriot crossed the Channel between Calais and Dover, aboard his Blriot XI His performance upsets the world and impresses the British. The biggest fear of the pilot during the crossing: to fall to the sea because he could not swim :)

Jul 27, 3:35 PM

Have you ever seen a Rafale so close? In this picture, we see the pilot set up and prepare before take-off at the Paris Air Show. Then its gone for 10 minutes of flight demo!

Jul 24, 3:32 PM

Safran Aircraft Engines Services Morocco Copyright : Philippe Stroppa / Safran

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