Mar 13, 9:40 PM

Use the hashtag #RUSpringBreak to be featured on our social media. Don''t forget to bring your block R or Rutgers gear with you on vacation Tag a friend who''s going somewhere interesting for Spring Break! We can''t wait to see our Scarlet Knights having fun!

Mar 8, 9:29 PM

Double tap to show @rutgersmbb some love tonight! Great win over Ohio State for their first Big Ten Tournament win. #WhoWantsToPlayUsNow #Rutgers #bigten #BigTenTournament2017

Mar 8, 11:34 AM

International Women''s Day: March 8th. Not only today, but everyday we need to celebrate the accomplishments of women all around the world All women are powerful beyond measure tag a strong woman you know under this post to let her know she is appreciated here at #Rutgers

Mar 7, 10:43 PM

Wow 1000 posts!!! honored to be no. 1,000 Anyway, thanks everyone for following my day. I''m leaving you with this aerial of Tillet Hall''s lobby which is one of my favorite places for some reason Coming to Rutgers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I learn, do, see, and experience so much here. The environment has inspired me to get involved, pursue loftier goals and have confidence in my abilities. In one semester I learned so academically and about myself. If you''re considering transfering or an incoming student please DM me because I would love to chat (I mean it!) I''m on Instagram and Twitter as @rcferrante if you''re a current @rutgersu student and want to do an #RUMyView yourself you can email #GetInvolvedRutgers #rutgersuniversity #rutgerspride #1000thpost