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Roambi is a business application that changes raw business data into interactive graphics designed for mobile devices on the iOS platform such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini. The applications connect to popular information systems including Excel or and business intelligence systems such as Cognos and corporate databases such as Microsoft SQL. The app is currently used by over 20% of the Fortune 50 and has been downloaded more than 600,000 times. MeLLmo Inc. (makers of Roambi) was founded in 2008 by Santiago Becerra, Jaime Zuluaga, David Becerra, and Quinton Alsbury, based in San Diego, California. The idea for the company came as Santiago Becerra, standing in line to buy his first iPhone in June 2007, realized the business potential of the mobile device. He sought to create a better display for common business data. The goal initially was to create a touch-based data visualization app exclusively for the iPhone. At the time, the App Store was not available to distribute software, so the company found difficulties convincing others of their prospect.