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RabaKistner Consultants

RabaKistner Consultants

Mar 6, 5:42 PM

Raba Kistner is taking Environmental Consulting to new heights with a new unmanned aircraft system (drone). The agility and compact size of this new tool can be quickly deployed to evaluate hard-to-reach areas with minimal impact and provides high-resolution, up-to-the-minute imagery of site conditions such as terrain, ecological communities, archaeological sites, stream conditions, ground disturbances, and visible surface contamination. It is ideal for environmental studies where aerial reconnaissance surveys that once required chartering a helicopter, can now be accomplished remotely by our licensed pilots (within FAA Part 107 regulatory guidelines). This tool greatly enhances and complements our environmental teams on-the-ground reconnaissance studies, and offers an innovative and cost-effective approach to aerial imagery. Contact Sam Blanco, AICP at 210.699.9090 or sblanco@rkci.com to find out more about this exciting new tool.

Mar 4, 3:43 AM

Congratulations to Kathie Geleta, center, on her well-deserved retirement after 38 years of service to Raba Kistner! Thank you, and happy travels!

Feb 21, 7:45 PM

Happy Engineers Week to some of our favorite people: engineers!

Jan 16, 9:08 PM

Remembering his work that benefitted everyone.