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Riverside Hospital

Riverside Hospital

Jul 28, 2:33 PM

Couldn''t have asked for a better night to watch the Peninsula Pilots Baseball Team. The stadium was bursting with Riverside pride!

Jul 28, 10:33 AM

Rachel Vanecek, nurse at Riverside Doctors Hospital Williamsburg, was concerned about a patient being discharged home. He was experiencing some confusion and might have trouble managing his medications, and his family could not provide the support he needed. Rachel made sure he was evaluated and sent to a rehab center for some extra short-term help. Thank you, Rachel, for your questioning attitude!

Jul 14, 9:39 AM

Joe Plotino, a Respiratory Therapist, was recognized for taking extra time to help a patient and fellow team members in a stressful situation. He works at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital. #caredifference #championofcaring

Jul 11, 2:32 PM

We''ve always made technology a priority when it comes to better serving our patients. Proud of the past 13 years! http://bit.ly/2tKttSU