River Ranch Fresh Produce

River Ranch Fresh Produce

River Ranch Fresh Produce

Aug 31, 1:18 PM

The best part of waking up is.... Arugula + Blood Orange Toast!! Recipe link in bio. #TaylorFarms

Aug 30, 7:41 PM

The first episode of PROACTs Greener Fields Together: In The Field video series showcases the sustainability initiatives at Taylor Farms Gonzales facility, including our three-tiered renewable and alternative energy system, more efficient waste processing, and water conservation measures. Watch the full interview with Nicole Flewell, Director of Sustainability for Taylor Farms at the link in our bio. #TaylorFarms

Aug 30, 1:19 PM

Ready for school? Our NEW Snack Packs are the perfect addition to your kid''s lunchbox! Pick it up at @Starbucks. | @HopeFoods | Photo via @thetoastedpinenut | #Snack2School #TaylorFarms

Aug 29, 8:32 PM

Craving a little healthy in your life? Make this Tomato and Cherry Kale Salad by our friend @vegetarianventures! Recipe link in bio. #TaylorFarms