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The Baltimore Federal Reserve Branch Bank is a historic bank and office building located at Baltimore, Maryland, United States. It is a masonry and steel, ten story building and five bays wide on each elevation, designed in 1926 in the Second Renaissance Revival Style. The exterior features rusticated limestone facing, with carvings and enormous arched windows on the first floor. The interior features an enormous main banking room with floors, teller stations, and Corinthian columns all of polished marble. It was expanded in 1956. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore Branch was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. It is included within the Baltimore National Heritage Area Employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Baltimore Branch Office are not government employees. Instead, they are paid as part of the expenses of their employing Reserve Bank. This means that they are not eligible for federal employee benefits which include healthcare, additional legal rights, and a government pension. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Baltimore Branch has a 2009 Spring Student Internship Paid Position available to junior and senior college students. Students must be able to work between 16–24 hours per week and the starting salary begins at $18.98 per hour. The students are required to relocate to Baltimore, Maryland as part of their internship.