Mar 13, 2:17 PM

Mosrite fans will enjoy this pristine piece of gear history. Here''s a very rare original 1959 Mosrite Joe Maphis model in a beautiful sunburst finish. The body design and contour is almost identical to the Ventures model which first appeared in 1963 with some obvious differences. The body end is rounded off and not cut at an angle to conform to the rhythm pickup. And of course, the headstock has a squared-off end (not angled) with a deep ""M"" carved out. There was a small number of transition models built between 1959 and 1963, one of which caught the eye of Nokkie Edwards of The Ventures - the rest is gear history. #mosrite #gearhistory #theventures #guitarporn #gearporn #nokkieedwards #mosriteguitars

Mar 12, 11:05 PM

Check out @lechtronics'' Mt. Sansui. At its base, the 9090DB, above that, the powerful Sansui Seven, and at its top, the explosive AU & TU-217. #sansui #stereos #stereo #hifi #hificollector #hifiaudio #hifidelity #audio #vinyl #hifi #gearporn #gear

Mar 12, 1:01 PM

Handcrafted in the USA, @sheltonelectricinstruments pay homage to the craftsmanship of iconic vintage six-strings while adding their own unique twists. Check out the SolarFlite - a reverse offset body shape paired with both a Porter 9T single coil at the bridge and a Porter Smooth Classic Humbucker at the neck dish. Browse more of our favorite boutique builders by clicking our bio link.

Mar 11, 1:52 PM

Skateboards might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of building materials for electric guitars, but it made perfect sense to Nick Pourfard of Prisma. Take a look at the Syndicate - handmade from refurbished skate decks and sporting a McNelly P90 pickup, maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Click our bio link to check out more handmade gear. #prisma #guitarporn #gearporn #geartalk #skateboard #gearheads


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