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Jul 30, 5:25 PM

Congratulations to Jonathan, a Senior Consulting Manager, who is celebrating 5 years with RSI today. Happy Anniversary! #ourRSI #WorkAtRSI

Jul 28, 6:04 PM

Please welcome Susan, a Project Coordinator, to the Missouri project. Susan first began working with RSI last October as a subcontractor, and has now officially joined the RSI team. Her background includes 21 years as an active-duty Soldier in the US Army and she enjoys photography, rappelling, and playing softball. Welcome to RSI! #WelcomeToRSI #ourRSI

Jul 23, 6:40 PM

Happy Anniversary to Jason, an Executive Solutions Engineer, who is celebrating 10 years with RSI today. Congratulations! #ourRSI #WorkAtRSI

Jul 21, 5:01 PM

Oregon's "disappearing lake" is sucked into a giant hole every year. During the summer months, Lost Lake turns into a dry meadow. #RSIFunFactFriday

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