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Rethink Robotics (formerly Heartland Robotics) is a company co-founded by Rodney Brooks and Ann Whittaker in 2008. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Rethink Robotics is well-known for producing Baxter, a robot that is used in factories and can be "taught" new skills rather than programmed. A major theme of Rethink Robotics' technologies is having robots that are cost effective and can collaborate with human colleagues, handling dangerous tasks so humans can focus on other tasks. Rethink Robotics was founded in 2008 as a startup aiming to create low-cost robots. In 2012, they released the robot Baxter. In 2015, they released a smaller and more flexible counterpart to Baxter, Sawyer, that was designed to perform smaller, more detailed tasks. In 2016, they released their latest collaborative robots (cobots) in Australia and New Zealand. These robots were designed to be easy to set up and work alongside, rather than replace, humans in factory environments.