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Red Ventures is an American marketing company incorporated in the State of South Carolina. The company acquires customers for providers of home insurance, consumer, business, automotive, remodeling, financial and educational services. These service providers include DirecTV, ADT Security Services, and HughesNet. Red Ventures’ corporate headquarters are located in Indian Land, South Carolina, with offices also in Charlotte, North Carolinas University City. The company had additional locations in Miramar, Florida and San Antonio, Texas until 2014 when these locations were closed and the jobs were moved to Charlotte. According to the Charlotte Business Journal, Red Ventures offered to relocate almost 300 employees to the Charlotte area from Miami and San Antonio when the closures occurred. Red Ventures recently closed the Wilmington office moving the jobs to the Indian Land, South Carolina headquarters and relocating many employees. Red Ventures operates businesses in the following vertical markets:


Founded: 2000
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