Rady Children’s Hospital

Rady Children’s Hospital

Rady Children’s Hospital

Aug 28, 7:04 PM

For nearly 10 years, parent liaison, Josephina Martin del Campo, has been serving up coffee, cocoa and conversation to parents and patients of the Peckham Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders. As the mother of a pediatric cancer survivor, del Campo recalls many mornings at Rady Childrens balancing doctors visits and therapy for her son who was treated in 2001. One memory that lingered was the desire for a cup of coffee, something that seemed out of reach during those hectic days filled with appointments. Del Campo sees her current role as an opportunity to serve. Every morning you can find her and her Coffee Cart in the Peckham Center going door-to-door to visit with parents and patients, many of whom greet her in return with a warm hug, an echo of the warmth she shares in each cup.

Aug 23, 2:16 PM

Safe Kids San Diego is releasing the 2017 Trauma Report to the Community on Sept. 14. The report will have the statistics of some of the common unintentional injuries in San Diego County. Make sure to attend and learn more on how you can protect your children.

Aug 15, 7:42 PM

Meet Carol Allison, a volunteer at Rady Childrens. Since 2003, Carol has volunteered in our Neonatal Intensive Care and Hematology/Oncology units. She says the best part of the job is spending time with families and delivering toys to our patients! Carol, thanks for always having a smile!

Aug 15, 7:34 PM

Did you know, some viruses like chicken pox can be transmitted simply by being a few feet away from an infected person? Vaccines play an important role in preventing serious childhood diseases. Talk to your pediatrician about the immunization protocol most appropriate for your child and keep them healthy this school year. #nationalimmunizationmonth #immunization #backtoschool