Mar 13, 1:10 PM

Raytheon employees recently volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego, helping to assemble equipment for the clubs new Center of Innovation opening this spring!

Mar 8, 1:30 PM

Although the Javelin Weapon System is often operated with teams of two, it can be used by one person if necessary. When used with teams of two, a gunner aims and fires the missile while the assistant gunner remains on the lookout for potential targets and threats. (Source: U.S. Marine Corps)

Mar 6, 11:34 AM

JPALS provides accurate, reliable and high-integrity guidance for aircrafts that guides the pilot to land. The world is shifting to become more and more dependent on GPS. We are developing Raytheons GPS technology to grow into this new demanding market, said Mark Maselli, JPALS Deputy Program Manager at Raytheon. I wanted to be a pilot when I was a kid, but now I get to help them land reliably. I help the warfighter come home safely. Someones mother, father, son, or daughter can return home safely because of this technology.

Feb 28, 1:14 PM

This week on Portraits of a Mission, we''re highlighting Marie Ang, a California-based senior software engineer. Marie is an active member of the San Diego community and credits her involvement to Raytheon''s employee resource groups. ""Leading San Diego ERGs helped me cultivate greater community support for our STEM initiatives,"" she said. Over the past decade, jobs in science, technology, engineering and math have grown at three times the rate of other jobs, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. To inspire and equip students to succeed in these STEM positions worldwide, we provide strong support at all levels of education with the help of volunteers like Marie.


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