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Raffa Accounting

Raffa Accounting

Jul 28, 5:35 PM

Our July Do More Newsletter has all sorts of exciting features that you won't want to miss! Read articles written by our staff, listen to our latest podcast, and see how Raffa has been coming up in the news here: http://conta.cc/2eQWJEn

Jul 27, 7:57 PM

"Raffas demographics contrast sharply with national industry trends." As of recent, Raffa has 12 women partners out of 18 total. Congratulations to both Jean and Laurie! Read more here: http://ow.ly/MjxO30dY3Gq

Jul 20, 5:27 PM

Join us with JAMIS Software Corporation as we deliver insights and updates on effective indirect rate cost structures and 10% de minimis under the OMB Uniform Guidance, as well as introduce you to JAMIS Prime Cloud ERP, intuitive easy to maintain software designed for government contractors. Register here: http://ow.ly/897830dMFVG

Jul 12, 6:55 PM

"Ongoing and intentional attention to succession planning and leadership continuity is key for nonprofits and for-profits to succeed and be better prepared for leadership transitions." Check out our latest podcast: Ep 17. Leader Development and Succession Planning: Building to Last http://ow.ly/ttqj30dzYqn