Rachel Wixey & Associates

Rachel Wixey & Associates

Rachel Wixey & Associates

Jul 7, 3:00 PM

View Substitute Opportunities and Apply Today! bit.ly/rwa_positions

May 12, 5:54 PM

Congratulations to Candice Carsyn Brewer who is the winner of our Contest! Candice guessed 101, tagged 3 people and Liked our business page. Thank you to everyone who participated! The actual number of pens was 112. #ThankATeacher

May 10, 0:05 PM

#ThankATeacher We have more than ONE PEN in this pile. Change your world with a chance to win a $100 VISA gift card when you guess the correct number of pens without going over. Rules: 1. Like @rachelwixeyandassociates 2. Type your guess in a comment 3. Tag 3 friends in your comment Winner Announced: Friday, May 12

May 9, 3:18 PM

Our substitute teachers are truly FIRST CLASS. We are happy to be a part of your quest to become a teacher. You inspire students to reach for the stars. Thank you! #ThankATeacher Dont forget to check out some of these amazing deals from restaurants and retail outlets: http://bit.ly/TAW2017_Deals