Careers at QuScient

Why work for us

QuScient is a service provider for colleges and universities across the world, with a focus on those in the US and UK. It offers higher and further education institutions services in consulting and process audit, admissions and enrolment, support and helpdesk, content creation, and internet marketing. Their products and services focus on introducing automated workflows in enrolment and business processes. ProRetention™, their flagship product, addresses the problem of student retention. QuScient was founded by Babu Thiagarajan in 2006 as a tax and accounting BPO company that tied up with companies and certified public accountants in the US for creating offshore back offices. The year 2006 proved to be a turning point for QuScient when the CEO of a campus and online university based out of southwestern United States asked Babu Thiagarajan for services outside tax and accounting. Knowing Babus consulting and IT background, the university wanted him to study the runaway student attrition and devise ways to encourage retention. Through his study, Babu learned why students were leaving for other colleges or simply dropping out. It became evident that there were fundamental lacunae in the manner student issues were addressed, departments were operating in silos, and student touch points were missing, particularly during their early days at the university.