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Quake Global is a technology company that provides solutions for asset tracking and locating. Quake Global designs and implements facility or campus level asset tracking solutions typically based around RFID technology. Quake Global also designs and implements machine to machine (M2M) communication devices that enable customers to utilize terrestrial (cell phone) networks or satellite networks to locate, track, monitor and control devices globally. In 2012, Quake Global received an Inc. 5000 rank of 82 in the San Diego Metro Area. The company is based in San Diego. Quake Global was founded in 1998. It specializes in solutions for asset tracking, including facility level solutions using RFID technology and global solutions using modems, which can be used in conjunction with cellular, GPS, and satellite technology. Quake Globals solutions enables its customers to locate, track and monitor their assets to maximize efficiency. They service companies in healthcare, heavy equipment, aviation, government, military, law enforcement, maritime and trucking sectors. In 2010, Quake Global purchased transportation-tracking company, Stellar Satellite Communications, from Orbcomm. In 2012, Quake acquired Odin, a radio-frequency identification (RFID) company. This enabled Quake Global to enter the healthcare sector and marked its introduction to the RFID market. It also is a significant milestone in Quake Globals goal to be the leader in RF M2M technology. Companies in more than 50 different countries utilize Quakes patented RFID technology, and the company holds twelve patents.