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Prysm is a DC Comics fictional superhero. She first appeared in the second series of the Teen Titans comics in issue #1. A hybrid of H'San Natall/human heritage, Audrey Spears was raised by her H'San Natall captors in a virtual reality environment, based on 1950s black-and-white television shows. When her fellow hybrids Isaiah Crockett, Toni Monetti, and Cody Driscoll are abducted by her alien captors, they accidentally destroy Audreys simulated world. Audrey is horrified to find her life a lie. Her hybrid "siblings" took the poor girl in after they escaped the H'San Natal. The four teens join with the recently de-aged Atom to form the new Teen Titans. Because of her glass-like skin and ability to control light, Audrey assumes the codename "Prysm". As a Teen Titan, Prysm felt like she actually had a family again, but when Isaiah (then called Joto) "dies", the team is disbanded. Looking for a kindred spirit, Prysm seeks out Supergirl in Leesburg. There she encounters a lonely creature known as Fringe and the two form a friendship. Later, Toni (known as Argent) re-forms the Titans. When the team goes on a space mission, Prysm encounters her father, a glass-like humanoid known as Ch'ah, and her mother Miraset. When the team returns to Earth, Prysm (along with Fringe) stays with her family. She is returned to Earth when Cyborg went insane and tries to collect every member of the Teen Titans.
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