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Aug 30, 3:04 PM

Do I take my child to the Emergency Room or not? In the moment, it can be a tough call. Remember to stay calm. Take a deep breath and assess the situation. The American Academy of Pediatrics says, ""if your child can walk, talk, interact, and play, chances are whatever she or he has is not an emergency."" Visit our Facebook page for examples of emergency vs. non-emergency situations. Remember: For non-emergencies, ProHealth Express Care walk-in centers are located across the state with convenient hours. Visit for hours and locations.

Aug 28, 4:03 PM

Pencils, notebooks, and binders quickly come to mind when we think about back-to-school lists. Be sure to check ""safety"" off the list, too. Parents, students, educators, and community members can all take action to keep children safe in and away from school. Remind students at the bus stop to look both ways before crossing the street. Encourage them to speak up if they see bullying. Create a teen-parent driving agreement if they plan to take a car to school. Safety should be on everyones back-to-school list. Visit the @cdcgov website for more information.

Aug 25, 10:06 AM

Congratulations to our winnersenjoy the game! Thank you all for following us. We appreciate every ''like,'' share, comment, and follow.

Aug 25, 9:37 AM

Beginning next Saturday, September 2, Waterbury Internal Medicine will be open the first Saturday of each month for office visits from 8am-Noon. Schedule your Saturday visit today! #NewHours #WaterburyCT

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