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Prism Skylabs is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California, that designs, develops and sells business intelligence software for retailers with a consumer storefront. The Prism Skylabs application compiles and analyzes the video data collected by surveillance cameras at brick-and-mortar locations to understand long-term trends and improve merchandising. Prism Skylabs’ software is installed on computers that are connected to a retailer’s existing video surveillance cameras. The software compresses the video data and sends it to cloud servers, where it is analyzed by Prism Skylabs’ video analytics technology. The company sends the analyzed data back to the retailer in the form of statistics and visualizations. To address privacy concerns, the software blurs or completely deletes images of people and replaces them with graphical elements. The resulting information is intended to help retailers make sense of the large amounts of incoming video data. Prism Skylabs’ goal is to enable companies to better analyze long-term trends, such as number of customers, check-out queue lengths, foot traffic patterns, dwell time and the most popular products in a store. Retailers use this information to improve merchandising, store layout and customer service efforts and increase operational efficiencies.